Help Guide When In Need Of Funeral Services

Writing a Will

Arranging funeral services when someone dear to you passed away can be so frustrating and draining. If death is imminent, the dying person may resort to writing a will. That is a sign that you have to make arrangements and prepare in advance to put everything in place. There are many things to consider and here are some salient points that a bereaved family must take into account to make the process smooth.

Secure the Death Certificate

The death certificate containing the cause of death must bear the doctor’s signature; this is a requirement to be able to arrange a funeral service. A funeral service provider has its funeral director responsible for getting the information needed to register the death at the designated office of the government or state. He or she may also arrange notices on newspapers (obituaries), get flower arrangements and memorial services as the need may require.

Check if the Person that Died Had ‘Insurance Policy’, ‘Will’ and ‘Funeral Plan’

DoveMore often than not, insurance policies cover accidents and death to help pay for funeral and other services that come with having a dead to bury or cremate. If your relative was insured, you can contact the insurance company to inquire if there is available assistance.
Your relative must have paid for a funeral plan in advance that would cover all funeral expenses. It may be in the care of a solicitor, private lawyer or the executor of will. The executor of holds the documents and executes the ‘Will’ after debts are all paid if there is any.

Find a Well-Deserved Funeral Service

Here are a few points to check when looking for a funeral service provider:

● ‘Who’ would you be talking to from first contact throughout the entire process? Are you dealing with the same person or some other funeral staffs in every step of the way?

● Would the funeral service director come at your convenience to discuss matters in your home, and if that will cost you a fee.

● Ask if you can meet the personnel that would be handling the body of your dead and where it would be placed until the day of the funeral. You may want to have a look at it to check if it is in a private place.

● If the funeral recommends embalming and why. The process is extremely toxic and invasive while it is unnecessary unless the body needs to be transported overseas. If your circumstances don’t need it, you don’t have to agree with it.

funeral_003Find out if you can get the funeral home’s assistance if you want to keep the body and take care of it at home until the funeral day. Get knowledgeable of the things that would be involved and the costs.

● Check it out if the funeral home has an itemized pricelist so that you can choose only the services/products offered that actually come important. You can ask for a complete pricelist sent to your email for final analysis.

● Find out if there is a coffin from their selection that would fit your taste and budget. If not, ask if you can get one from your own choices.

● Where would they suggest cremating or burying your dead? Is there any cemetery near your place? Is the service available on the day and time you choose?

● Know how your dead would be transported to the funeral ceremony. There are more things to look into but the list above can be very helpful to start with. You can find out more of the first class, friendly and family-oriented funeral services at

Planning Ahead and Learning More about Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

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